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  • 2016.9

    Achieving more than 100 intellectual properties, HKY was awarded as the Beijing Patents Pioneer Enterprise.


    HKY passed The Three Standard One Integration Management System Certification.


    Bringing a major breakthrough to the ultralow discharge monitor, the Chemical Method Online Flip Ammonia Analyzer passed the appraisal for scientific and technical results.

  • 2015.5

    Successively attending PITTCON, ARABLAB and ACHEMA, HKY promoted the brand force in the world.


    6 kinds of petroleum testers were put into the market.


    HK-7501 Flip Ammonia Analyzer was awarded of ACCSI Excellent New Products.

  • 2014.12

    HKY started to use the new name--HKY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., which marked that Huakeyi entered into a new stage.


    Online-corrosion, dissolved hydrogen and flip ammonia analyzer were brought to the market.

  • 2013.12

    "Research and industrialize of the high performance online silica and phosphate analyzer" was awarded as the third prize of Daxing District.


    The annual sales exceeded 100 million, which provided the good foundation for Huakeyi to be listed on the stock market.


    Moving to the new factory, HKY stepped into a new stage of development.

  • 2012.6

    HKY held the foundation-laying ceremony in Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing, P.R.China, and will invest nearly 100 million to build the new manufacturing base and office block.


    HK-1303 Conductivity Analyzer, HK-258A Portable D.O. Analyzer was developed successfully.

  • 2011.3

    HK-2301 Portable Multi-paremeter Meter was developed successfully.

  • 2010.12

    HK-318 D.O Analyzer, HK-328 pH Analyzer and HK-338 Conductivity Analyzer got CE certification authorized by TuV Rheinland.


    HK-288 Turbidi Meter, Digital Detector with five principles were invented successfully。


    Oil Tester were developed successfully.

  • 2009.6

    HKY was selected as the Innovation enterprise of Haidian District and the high-tech enterprise of Zhongguancun.


    HK-318 Online Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer was granted with The Computer Software Copyright Certification.


    The online analyzer--HK-118W Silica Analyzer, HK-108W Phosphate Analyzer, HK-128W Hydrazine Analyzer were updated to version 2.0.

  • 2008.11

    The photo ionization gas detector was developed successfully, and the semi-conductor gas detector and infrared gas detector was determined as a project, which indicated that Huakeyi was stepped into the leading edge of gas detector industry.


    The pH analyzer for waster water was developed and entered into market successsfully.

  • 2007.12

    Gas controller were sold more than a thousand, and the annual sales of HKY exceeded 50 million,thus Huakeyi established the leading position in the same industry,which indicated the company has developed into a period of rapid development.


    The HK-358 Online Sodium Analyzer was successfully developed.


    The instrument workstation was successfully developed.

  • 2006.11

    HKY was relocated in Qiliqu Industrial Park, Changping District with 4000 sq.m. manufacturing base. All functional departments collaborated to optimize the internal operational efficiency, offering a foundation for Huakeyi rapid development.


    HKY water analyzer entered into the international market.


    HK-7100A/HK-7200A/HK-7000 series gas detector or controller were successfully invented and pushed into petrochemical, metallu and other fields.

  • 2003.10

    Online HK-118W Silica Analyzer and HK-108 Phosphate Analyzer were granted with gold medal of BCEIA(The Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis).

  • 2002.12

    With ten kinds of electrode successfully developed, the product chain has been established completely and the basis of scale development of Huakeyi has been formed.


    The marketing center was set up in International Science & Technology Park in Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China.


    The R&D center and manufacturing base, covering an area of 1500 square meters, were built in Sujiatuo, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China.

  • 2001.6

    The third generation online products--HK-118W Silica Analyzer and HK-108 Phosphatc Analyzer were patented invention, thus HKY made the history of precise metering pump application.

  • 2000.5

    200 series for lab use--Silice, Phosphate, Copper, Iron and Hydrazine Meters were introduced. And all products were certified with ISO9001 Quality Management System at the same time.

  • 1997.5

    Improving greatly in appearance accuracy and other technical specification, the second generation online products--HK-118C Silica Analyzer and HK-108C Phosphate Analyzer were developed and successfully launched to market.

  • 1995.12

    HK-118C Silica Analyzer and HK-108C Phosphate Analyzer, the first generation online Products, were invented.


    HKY is founded at No.5A, Deshengmen West Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China.