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HKY Technology Co.,Ltd regards Wisdom Solidification and Virtue Inclusion as the core of our company culture, featuring profound wisdom, benefiting the people, virtuousness achieves good credit. The company consistently persists on technology-leading and acting-ahead, enables minded and talented employee as the backbone of enterprise, assumes responsibilities to produce the best product, provides the best service and serve for the society, so as to constantly push forward the healthy development of instrumentation industry and promote the product and service of Huakeyi into every corner of the world.

System of the Cultural Concept of Huakeyi

Our Vision: Setting up a Globally Leading Image

Our Mission: Leading Quality, Social Services

Our Values: Pooling Wisdom, Benefiting the People, Virtuousness Achieves Good Credit


HKY Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter as Huakeyi), since its inception, constantly insists on the quality guideline---customer-oriented, quality-centered, science-driven, improving for development, creating the brand of Huakeyi and stepping to the road to internationalization. From the first-generation products, namely HK-118C silica analyzer and HK-108C phosphate analyzer to the up-to-date HK-7000 combustible gas alarm controller, HK-7100A combustible gas detector and HK-7200A toxic gas detector, the growth of Huakeyi is a process of constant self-transcendence. Reviewing the past, we fully carry forward the spirit of Selfless Devotion, Brave Innovation and Self Transcendence, step on rapid and firm paces, stick to Product and Service Leading, and Technology and Strength Coexistence, so as to become a world first-class instrumentation enterprise and create a sound atmosphere with fast development; looking into future, Huakeyi will bear the responsibility to set up a globally leading image and earnestly realize the new leap of Huakeyi as a prominent pacemaker.

Prominent pacemakers are all based on excellent enterprise culture. Learning from old experience, successful enterprises mostly possess unique culture. Excellent enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise and the root for everlasting prosperity, to establish and carry out a clear value concept is the source for external undertaking. In 2000, Huakeyi raised great measures to Gradually Cultivate Advanced Culture and Set up Good Enterprise Image, deepened enterprise reform and pushed forward modern enterprise management mode, and was firstly certificated with ISO9001 quality management system among its kind in the same year. With better products, technology and team as well as good standing, Huakeyi has worked with the customers all over the world. The culture of Huakeyi has been penetrated into its employee and customer service system, becoming the source of power to push forward enterprise development, solidify forces and realize innovations, so as to point out the direction and make clear the values for future development of Huakeyi.

In 2008, Huakeyi reviewed the course of its growth since establishment, deeply summarized the spirit and culture solidified and reflected in the practice of enterprise development, inherited and carried forward new innovation trait, and as advocated by the General Manager, Bian Baoli, the system of the cultural concept of Huakeyi for setting up a globally leading image, after the discussion and modification by all employees, was finally integrated.

The system of the cultural concept of Huakeyi comprises vision, mission, values, enterprise style, HR philosophy, enterprise atmosphere and teamwork style.

Ⅰ. Vision of Huakeyi: Setting up a Globally Leading Image

Huakeyi inherits the team spirit featuring unanimity between the higher and lower levels and making collaborative efforts and the grand blueprint featuring concentration on construction and development, takes care of trifle things and begins with ourselves, and initiates the career in long-term, faithful and pragmatic attitude. 

Our aim is to set up a globally leading image:

Leading sources from superior consciousness, thus consummating the leading role, be customer-oriented, stick to the concept that all things are leading, create leading customer values and social values, so as to promote enterprise values and become the pacemaker in the industry;

Regard employees’ interests as leading, inspire employees’ potential, and realize maximization of employees’ value on the premise of maximization of enterprise value;

Leading management and marketing mechanisms for realizing healthy, stable and sustainable development;

Climb up science and technology peak, and commit to the Most Advanced Technology, the Best Product and the Most Perfect Service;

With leading share in domestic market and leading cooperative ability  in foreign market, we always committed ourselves to the idea that leading above others;

Grow up with all partners to share the value of growth;

With leading social accountability, care for and reciprocate to society and realize harmonious and healthy development between the enterprise and the nation, society and the industry.

Ⅱ. Mission of Huakeyi: Leading Quality, Social Services

Excellent humanistic trait brings up superior product quality, excellent enterprise culture consummates perfect and sincere service, only to create social and customer values with leading traits, can an enterprise have a long lasting market as everlasting as the sun and the moon;

Superior product pushes forward the civilization of industry development, sincere service drives harmonious development among enterprises, between enterprise and society and among the people, which is conferred upon by society, and only with the drive of the sense of calling, can we be leading radically;

Harmony makes nation stronger, makes family more prosperous, and makes company more flourish;

With technology leading and sincerity foremost, there are credit and influence where products are used;

Product techniques are leading, with ex factory pass rate at 100% and on-site debugging pass rate at 99%;

With perfect service system and all-round assurance factor, customers will be assured and the communication will be easier;

Creat files for customers, and any alterations will be recorded.

Ⅲ. Values of Huakeyi: Polling Wisdom, Benefiting the People, Virtuousness and Good Credit

Wisdom (Hui in Chinese慧) means cleverness, talent and intelligence. In the composition of Chinese character Hui 慧, the upside two words丰respectively represent state affairs and world, and the middle word 彐represents home affairs. The downside word 心means heart. Literally, when affairs of home, state and world are all concerned about, it is called Hui慧. A person having Hui means that he is good at understanding and mastering the rules of various affairs, thus taking things easier. Based on this, the significance of existence and development of an enterprise is to benefit the common people through wise civilization of mankind, and innovation is for devotion;

Virtuousness, as Xici of the Book of Changes goes, as earth’s condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind.Virtuousness is a moral category covering all good conducts such as loyalty, filial piety, humaneness, righteousness, gentleness and kindheartedness, respectfulness, and humility. The value principle of virtuousness is developed by Confucius, into the kingcraft principle, govern the people by moral force, keep order among them by ritual, and they will keep their self-respect and come to you of their own accord; by Mencius, into the people-based principle, people are on the top of priority, with state following, then comes the monarch; by Great Learning of the Book of Rites, into the moral guideline, manifesting luminous virtue, renewing the people and resting in the utmost good. Virtuousness becomes the core concept in Chinese ethics and in the culture of Chinese nation;

Huakeyi starts from water analysis instrumentation industry, featuring both wisdom and virtuousness. As the first sentence of Chapter VIII of Tao Te Ching goes, the highest good is like that of water, the goodness of water is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures, yet itself does not scramble, which emphasizes that the conduct and wisdom of the person with the highest virtue is like water, which can nourish and benefit creatures, but does not contest with creatures for anything. The most flexible thing in the world is water, which can penetrate through the hardest thing, no one can surpass it, and constant dropping wears away a stone, which is the so-called flexible virtuousness. Defeat a strong with a weak, conquer the unyielding with the yielding, the enlightenment of water to the people of Huakeyi has been infused into the soul of enterprise development. Water can go everywhere, flow downward from high, go to seamless space with no visible shape, trickle continually, and benefit all creatures with no request of returns. Such moral action is a supreme good, and also a paramount cultural realm pursued by Huakeyi;

Every product of Huakeyi contains wisdom, benefiting the public and society as well as employees and family, so as to jointly create harmonious society, enterprise and family;

All employees of Huakeyi will try their best to establish lofty moral values, so that the enterprise can be more influential and the value of enterprise can serve for social value.

Ⅳ. Enterprise Style of Huakeyi: Technology Leading, Acting Ahead

Leading means innovation, the enterprise shall understand the principle that changes lead to prosperity, and changelessness results in stagnancy;

Ahead means acceleration, speed is a force and the opportunity to seize tomorrow;

With large investment in R&D, the up-to-date technology is adopted;

Pool the wisdom of the masses, act ahead, and pay attention to every detail;

Ordered production, keep the pass, and conform to technics and procedures;

Integrate the up-to-date scientific results of the world with leading technical concepts and production technics of the company, so as to always stand on the most forward position of innovation;

The one who masters the truth will win finally, the one who discovers the truth in first will seize the good opportunity and gain in the future;

With leading operation concept and brand-new leadership mode, wealth will be gained quickly.

Ⅴ. HR Philosophy of Huakeyi: Talented and Minded Employees Become the Backbone

Minded means that employees have a conscious sense of responsibility, a combination of the attitude and spirit of absorption and devotion;

Talented means conscious demonstration of ability, and a spirit of selflessness and dedication;

Minded and talented interact as diligence, which not only shape the mental realm of employees, but also reflect that employees strive to create material subject and achieve the combination of material and ideology;

The enterprise pays attention to employees’ interests and specialties, with good working condition, perfect employee training and individualized career design, the employee with a good character and professional competence will be provided with the space for future development;

The enterprise builds a platform for employees, which is a stage where they can give full play to wisdom and intelligence, and minded and talented employees serve as the backbone of the enterprise;

Focus on motivating employees’ potential, and pursue common growth of individuals and the enterprise.

Ⅵ. Enterprise Atmosphere of Huakeyi: Enjoy and Experience the Work

With family-like working environment and team spirit, just enjoy happiness at work;

Colorful leisure-time and outward development activities promote direct communication among all employees

Attach importance to enterprise culture construction, in solemn and vivacious working atmosphere and with smooth and transparent communication, employees’ satisfaction will be constantly improved, and they will enjoy the happiness of simultaneous growth between the enterprise and employees;

The objective of work is to enjoy and experience the work, where the enterprise commits to benefiting employees in terms of spirit and economy.

Ⅶ. Teamwork Style of Huakeyi: Act before Customers and Competitors

Advocate action other than talk, since immediate action is the guideline of the enterprise;

With dedication, patience and considerateness, act before customers’ needs;

The weak point of the counterpart is our strong point, since we go ahead of others, take lead among counterparts, and be different from them as much as possible;

Be bold and crafty, dare to act, excellence in work is possible only with diligence, what the team believe in is the thought of less is more in the idea that God helps those who help themselves;

Face challenges like wolves, the aim of action is to satisfy customers, conquer and surpass counterparts so as to obtain fruitful results.


Culture leads the development, solidifies the will, shapes the image and innovates for the future. The cultural system of Beijing Huakeyi Power Plant Instrument Research Institute embodies the wisdom of all its members, reflects a value-based thinking, and demonstrates the corporate responsibility, ideal pursuit, development path and management thought of Huakeyi. All employees of Huakeyi will have its culture in mind, adopt it in strategies, reflect such in systems, and externalizes the same in actions, make constant innovations and thus realize stable and rapid sustainable development.