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Chemical colorimetry which conforms with Environment protection test standard Time:2016-03-28 Hits:1630 From:

Prevent the scaling of preheater;

Assure the reality reliable of Ammonia result

1.             The products adopts the chemical colorimetry, which confroms the environemnt protection test standard GBT 18204.25-2000 “The method of ammonia content test in the public area”.

2.           The sampling sensor adopts the metal coated technology, which is corrosion resistance, wear resistance, big flow and it is be able to used at the situation of heavy particle and heavy dust. The sensor can stop the dust coming into the sampling system and ensure the normaly running and maintenance, and also it is easy to change spare parts. 

3.           The whole sampling procedure procees with high temp heating, which can essure the reality of sample, and can avoid the NH3 adsorption and Crystallization, which may block the pipe.

4.            The colorimetry will not effect by the environment situation, like site vibration and thermal expansion.

5.            The primary reagent will be used to dothe calibration, it can be done at any time and very easy to do this.

Tranfer gas to liquid and do the test with colorimetry, which can improve the lower limit of detection and the accuracy(0.05ppm), which conforms to standard test method of environment protection department.   

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