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Training of “specification for measuring instruments permit assessment” Time:2015-08-05 Hits:1773 From:

In order to let the functional departments concerned accurately master and understand JJG1246-2010 “specification for measuring instruments permit assessment”, Huakeyi held a training class on May 10, 2011. Over 60 staff from departments of R&D, Quality, Technology, Manufacturing, and Human Resources participated in the training.

This training is presided over by Quality Department, and the famous instructor Zhihong Lu was invited to give a speech. Lu made a detailed instruction and explanation of the JJF1246-2010 specification. Baoli Bian, general manager of Huakeyi, attended the training and delivered a speech.

Through the lecture, participants had a deeper understanding of specifications and requirements for manufacture and maintenance of the measuring instruments, and the training played an active role in improving the quality of our measuring instruments.